Live and Online Lecture: Marina Abramovic by Helen Oakden

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Marina Abramovic By Helen Oakden 25th November 2020 
Next Autumn the RA will host the first ever UK exhibition on Marina Abramovic and she will become the hotly debated topic of 2021. Many of us only know a little of this incredible woman and so we thought we would be one step ahead with a lecture to furnish us with the facts and debates surrounding her work. Abramovic is the pioneer of performance art and Helen will discuss her 50 year career from its dramatic beginnings to how the artist, now in her 70’s, has developed her work to reflect her changing perceptions of the world. Helen will look at the question of whether performance art can outlive the performance itself; are the photos, videos and re-performances of younger artists just as valid? Abramovic has a superbly powerful presence and creates a very intense relationship between the performer and the viewer, more so than is achieved in the theatre. This will be a fascinating and revealing lecture. 
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