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In the 17th and 18th centuries, the face takes centre stage for exhibiting the depths of the human condition. Artists push the boundaries of facial expression in an ever reaching attempt to examine complex states of mind.  Centering around 18th century Franz Xaver Messerschmidt and early 20th century Egon Schiele, Rose Balston will examine art that is at times shocking, at others hilarious, and more often than not completely baffling. 

Lectures are recorded and will be released at 12:30pm GMT on Wednesdays via Zoom Webinars. For Members, they are available to watch on catch-up via Tixoom (Silver & Student Membership = one week. Gold Membership = anytime throughout the series). All series include a 2-week mid-term break. 

Via Zoom®
Wed 15th Mar 2023
12:30pm GMT
60 mins