Healthy Body, Healthy Mind: How to Achieve Balance through Art

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Balance and moderation have always been held as the high points of human happiness, but how do we attain these things in a world out of whack? One answer lies in paying attention to our physicality – the workings of our anatomy and our somatic encounter with lived experience. Artists have always known what science is just beginning to prove: that movement, diet, and rest play a critical role in our well-being. Join us to explore how artists have represented:

  • The links between the body and the mind
  • The joy of food, ritual feasting and pleasure
  • The importance of rest and creative dream space

This talk not only looks at the links between body and mind, through the work of artists like Caravaggio, Rousseau, and Sir Frederick Leighton, it explores how the interdependence of biology and psychology can’t be ignored, and how addressing both can lead to vitality and robust coping mechanisms in a world of extreme uncertainty. 

Event finished
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Sun 17th Jan 2021
4:00pm GMT
60 mins