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Escape with Artscapes UK to find a different Tuscany – one nestled up to Umbria and the Marché - where the countryside gets wilder, the food gets more rustic and the hoards of tourists evaporate. Here, we will find ourselves in blissful communion with some of the Renaissance’s most special art. 

This is a journey with Rose Balston to discover Piero della Francesca and what he means to her. With Rose, we will travel from her very first introduction in the National Gallery of London (as a 16 year old art history student), to the Piero pilgrimage she made in 2019 to seek out his Madonna del Parto. How did she better understand his Baptism by visiting his homeland? Why did standing in front of the Resurrection bring its power and authority so fully to life? And what is it about the Madonna del Parto that dislodged such a wave emotion in her? Calm but reverberating with inner tensions, subtle but heavy with meaning, journey with us to explore why Piero’s art is so powerful and important to the development of the Renaissance as a whole.

To set the scene in advance of the event, you will receive an introductory film and a beautifully crafted postcard in the post. Filled with our experts’ personal recommendations for music, literature, food and drink, these cards complement each talk and help conjure the atmosphere of a journey through time and place. After the event, you will also receive a further film to dive into an extra work of art not covered in the talk.

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