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Escape with Artscapes UK and jump in a gondola, lean back with the sun on your face, hear the water lap against the sides of your boat and dream of the cicchetti and spritz veneziano (AKA Aperol Spritz) that is to come.

This is a journey with Rose Balston to discover this magical City of Light. A city of bridges, reflections and canals. Of exotic smells, tastes and colours. Once known as La Serenissima and the Queen of the Adriatic this glittering city was a hub of unparalleled power. Today, it is a place of resilience and strength, that keeps hanging on, holding her head high in the knowledge she is still exquisitely beautiful. Join Rose on an artistic pilgrimage to seek out Giorgione, an elusive master of the Venetian Renaissance. By exploring color more than ever before and pushing subject matter to the extremes, Giorgione paves the way for a new trajectory of Venetian art, liberating it from the binds of the past. For Rose, there is no greater artist who captures the moods and mysteries of the Venetian Lagoon.

To set the scene in advance of the event, you will receive an introductory film and a beautifully crafted postcard in the post. Filled with our experts’ personal recommendations for music, literature, food and drink, these cards complement each talk and help conjure the atmosphere of a journey through time and place. After the event, you will also receive a further film to dive into an extra work of art not covered in the talk.

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Tue 22nd Feb 2022
6:30pm GMT
60 mins