Left-Field Thinking: The Art and Science of Creativity

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 The brain needs a very good reason to change. Even in the face of rational argument or glaring imperatives, we still like to follow paths of least resistance. We tend to hold off change because it can feel painful, uncomfortable, and frustrating. It also requires huge tenacity and huge courage. The flip side of change is that creativity often arises when we are forced to alter our cognitive habits. Change forces us to find news ways to bring ideas together. Out of the intersection of new thinking and experimentation with different ideas emerge original ways to problem solve. Artists are experts in embracing new ways of thinking and navigating the world. Join us for the final instalment in this series as we explore:

  • What artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec can teach us about creativity
  • How artists maintain hope and open mindedness in the most difficult of times
  • Why it’s so important to learn to fail

How, in our own lives, we can remain receptive to the most important aspect of creativity: experimentation    

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Sun 7th Feb 2021
4:00pm GMT
60 mins