A Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass for Teens: Improve your focus and maximise productivity

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Back by popular demand! Join Matt Rossler, one of our executive function coaches who has over a decade of experience working with teenagers in our next Brain Breakthrough Masterclass for Teenagers. 

During the masterclass Matt will help your teen learn practical and proven strategies to improve their focus and increase their productivity with a focus on schoolwork completion.  Your teen will also learn about executive functions, how they impact their learning and practical strategies to work towards their personal self development goals. 

What will this masterclass cover?
 - The basic neuroscience behind focus and why we get distracted 
- Practical and proven strategies to sustain their attention 
- Technology use - the benefits and issues - - - The truth about being productive and getting distracted
Via Zoom®
Wed 29th Sep 2021
5:30pm BST
90 mins