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***Please note this class will be held at a new studio location in Manhattan. Location details below!!!


Class Description:

Have you been wanting to learn how to shuffle and cut shapes? Or have you been wanting to go deeper on practicing individual moves? If YES, this class is for you!!!

In this class we are going to be learning the fundamentals of Shuffling and Cutting Shapes. We will spend time practicing moves such as the Running Man variations, W-Step, Charleston, T-Step, Rocking and many more. Drilling the moves together slow and fast that will help build up your speed and confidence when doing these moves. Towards the end of class we will do some exercises on how to find your flow and freestyle.This is going to be such a fun class where we are learning and creating together!!! 

First time joining class?? Welcome to the family!! :)

From the minute you step foot into class you have entered into a safe space and judgement free zone. Don't worry if this is your very first time. We are learning together every step of the way. 

My goal as a teacher is to share my knowledge and give you the tools to take home with you after class to continue to practice and grow on your shuffle journey. I can’t wait to vibe, hang and dance with YOU!!!

NEW Location:

305 Fitness Studio ( Midtown )

33 E 33rd St.

New York, NY 10016


Cancellation Policy:

Things come up and sometimes you can’t make it! Space is limited so please be courteous of the limited availability. Tickets will not be refunded within 48 hours of scheduled event. 


Please make sure to reach out to [email protected] if you are unable to attend and we will do our best to accommodate!

Event finished
In person
Thu 28th Jul 2022
8:05pm EDT
90 mins