AI in 2030 Inclusive Forum and UK and the future of GDPR - Open Discussion (MKAI)

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This MKAI Inclusive AI Forum Series discusses the big themes around Responsible AI. The June event examines what to expect from Artificial Intelligence in 2030

June Forum Objectives: At the MKAI Inclusive AI forum in June, we seek to discover what the state of Artificial Intelligence will be at the beginning of the next decade. Not in terms of purely technological advances, but in terms of the impact of this technology; distribution, power, adoption, control, safety and scale.

June Forum Areas of Exploration:

  • As we progress into this decade, certain nations and regions are beginning to implement their distinct strategies and objectives for AI. Will these become the standards for the rest of the world; will the leaders of AI control the world as Russian Leader Vladimir Putin suggests? Or are we on a trend towards AI being more inclusive, accessible and equitable?
  • Is the stronghold of a handful of Big-Tech companies unbreakable this decade, or will new companies displace them? If so what will be the market forces that make this possible?
  • How will AI scale into developing regions? What leapfrogging could we see?
  • How successful will various governance, policies and legislation be this decade in controlling AI and data monopolies?

Our expert speakers make the subject approachable and comprehensible to help all of us improve our AI-fluency and understanding of the domain.

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