Fall into nature with Plantlife: Right tree, right place - Why there is more to tree planting than meets the eye.

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It sounds so simple; plant trees, they will soak up carbon. But the type of trees, where they are planted and how they are managed is crucial, not least for the survival of our wild plants and fungi. The wrong tree in the wrong place can cause more harm than good. Right tree, right place’ is a common mantra, but what does this mean in practice? How do we protect existing wildlife habitats such as meadows and heathland from inappropriate tree-planting? As hundreds of millions of pounds are being invested in millions of trees, how do we make sure that both nature and the climate benefit?


Clare Pinches is a Principal Scientific Analyst at Natural England (NE) and previously an NE national grassland specialist. She is currently working closely with Forestry Commission, Defra and Forest Research to make sure that the Government’s woodland creation target is delivered in ways which ensure the protection and recovery of nature as well as increased carbon sequestration. She is a long standing British Ecological Society member, a keen botanist and birder and one of the authors of Grassland plants of the British and Irish lowlands: ecology, threats and management published last year. 

Emily Beech is the Tree Red List Manager for Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) and contributed to the recent ‘State of the World’s Trees’ report. She manages BGCI’s GlobalTreeSearch database and coordinates BGCI’s Global Tree Assessment tree red listing activities with partners across the world.

Saul Herbert is Conservation Outcomes Manager at the Woodland Trust and is developing the Trust’s new woodland creation guidance. The Woodland Trust has had a key role in native woodland creation for over twenty five years and is working to increase the scale and impact of its work to combat climate change and drive nature recovery.  

Jenny Hawley is Plantlife’s Policy Manager, speaking up for wild plants, fungi and their habitats with policymakers across the UK and internationally. She has worked in nature conservation with local, national and international charities for almost 20 years.

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Fri 22nd Oct 2021
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