Michelangelo 1: The Paintings

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Michelangelo 1: The Paintings
Part 1  'Life and Works' - putting the panel paintings in context
Part 2 Case study: The Sistine Chapel

The Sistine Chapel is most famous for frescoes painted by Michelangelo, even though many other people also contributed to the decoration of this remarkable space. Nevertheless, this fame does mean that the great master is well known as a painter, even though, aside from his work in the Vatican, he only ever completed one independent painting, and there are only three on panel altogether: the two, unfinished examples both happen to be in the National Gallery in London. 

Despite this apparent paucity, the first part of this talk will put the three panel paintings in context, and thus sketch out a biography of this truly great artist. 

After a break of 10-15 minutes (probably 10, you know what I'm like), we will have our first 'case study' of the series, looking in detail at his contribution to the Sistine Chapel, including his other paintings for the Vatican. 

Please remember, I do not record my talks.
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Mon 5th Sep 2022
5:30pm BST
120 mins