Sculpture 2: Function - What is it for?

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Sculpture 2: Function - What is it for?

As I said in the introduction to the previous talk, we should look at sculpture more! This week I want to think about the function of sculpture. We often make the mistake that painting, as 'Art' is purely about aesthetics, and while beauty is of the essence - in sculpture just as much as painting - the works we are considering are not merely ornamental. This isn't just decoration, and sculpture has arguably more 'functions' in the real world than painting. For obvious reasons paintings don't function well in fountains or as candlesticks. Talking of which, Michelangelo will be one of this weeks 'heroes', even if he only contributed to one of these genres. Verrocchio, and hero, and one of the greatest overlooked artists, did both! We will also see the return of Bernini... 

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Mon 13th Jun 2022
6:00pm BST
60 mins