Raphael at the National Gallery I

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In order to get to grips with the National Gallery's long-awaited exhibition, I will introduce the exhibition over two talks, starting, as is only right, with the early works. Raphael was the artistic equivalent of a sponge, and soaked up the art of those around him as he moved from place to place. Trained by his father in Urbino, as a young man he moved to Perugia, where his early works were, according to 16th Century artist and author Giorgio Vasari, “it was impossible to distinguish clearly between Raphael’s own original works and Perugino’s”. Before long he moved to Florence, where he fell under the spell of both Leonardo and Michelangelo. We will look at the relevant works from the exhibition in detail, bringing in others - not exhibited - should it enhance the discussion.

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Mon 25th Apr 2022
6:00pm BST
60 mins