Sculpture 1: Form - Looking in Depth

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Sculpture 1: Form - Looking in Depth
 We should look at more sculpture! Most of the time we talk about paintings, and the 'National Gallery', although it doesn't specify that it is a gallery 'of Art', assumes that 'Art' is painting... So why was sculpture sidelined? In a series of four talks I will introduce different ideas, and focus on different artists, to help us to understand its special qualities, and get to know it in different ways. In the first talk I will look at what makes sculpture so fundamentally different: it is three dimensional! However, that doesn't mean that all sculpture can been seen 'in the round': the different shapes that sculpture takes - its form - is all important. In the Renaissance, for example, a new form of 'low relief' was developed at the same time as the first sculptures intended to be fully 'free standing' were being created. One of our main heroes this week will be Gian Lorenzo Bernini - no one knew how to use space better than him!

Please remember, I never record my talks!

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Mon 6th Jun 2022
6:00pm BST
60 mins