Negative Spaces 2: Cornelia Parker

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Negative Spaces 2: Cornelia Parker

I think Cornelia Parker is, quite simply, a genius. Her way of viewing the world, and of finding an artist equivalent to express that, is second to none. Often she is looking at things which are not there - or mark the absence of something that has gone: more negative spaces. Her ideas are often unexpected, quirky, and even off the wall, and her practice is equally varied. Yet somehow, the sensationalist press has left her alone, even though she has steam-rollered the family silver, had the army blow up a garden shed, and thrown her work over the white cliffs of Dover. I hope this doesn't put you off! I was delighted that so many wanted to hear about Alison Watt last year - a contemporary artist with the best painting technique, and I have been equally happy that so many people have said that, even though they don't usually look at sculpture they have really enjoyed the recent course. So please, if you haven't before, put your toes in the shallow end of 'conceptual art', because Cornelia Parker is one of the best. Her works are often as beautiful as they are profound, rich in cultural reference, and surprisingly moving. The current exhibition (at Tate Britain until 16 October) is a perfect introduction to her work, and I will attempt to walk you round and recreate the different ideas it evokes.

Please note: for various reasons I do not record my talks.
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Mon 18th Jul 2022
6:00pm BST
60 mins