Sofonisba in Denmark

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Sofonisba in Denmark

The artist Sofonisba Anguissola was one of the first women to become both internationally famous and successful, and achieved this with the rare distinction of not coming from an artistic family. One of her paintings is held in the collection of the Nivaagaards Malerisamling, the 'Painting Collection of Nivaagaard', in Nivå, a town just outside Copenhagen. This year they are celebrating her work with an exhibition, Sofonisba - History's forgotten Miracle, and I am lucky enough to be going to see it. So I wanted to report back, in case you'd like to get there but can't, or decide that a Christmas or New Year break is just what you need (the exhibition is on until 15 January). As I have already planned my talks for December - and to give you more time to think about going - I've decided to give an extra talk on a Wednesday. As ever, I'm afraid it won't be recorded (though I'm starting to think about that), so apologies if you're not free midweek. As well as introducing this fantastic artist, and giving a virtual tour of the exhibition, this talk will also serve as an introduction to the course on women artists which I will be running in the New Year.

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Wed 14th Dec 2022
6:00pm GMT
75 mins