Behind the Scenes of the Rental World for Vintage Sellers - IDC x The Vintage Seeker

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Have you ever considered offering rentals as a service for your vintage shop? Or wondered about getting into the film/TV production world via rentals? 

Join the Vintage Sellers Community and our member Ian Drummond, founder of Ian Drummond Vintage and the Ian Drummond Collection, for a webinar all about vintage rentals for the film industry.

Ian has been a passionate collector of vintage clothing for over 35 years, at first just shopping for himself, and then worldwide to stock his first vintage clothing store, 20th Century Frox — the foundation for what is now the Ian Drummond Collection. 

He began his career in the Toronto film industry in the early 1990s, and continues to this day via his rental house. A member of IATSE 873 since 1997, he’s worked as an assistant costume designer on numerous projects; on Hairspray and Cinderella Man as the extras coordinator (responsible for the costuming of 3,000+ background performers in each film.) As well, Ian was the wardrobe buyer on Chicago, an Oscar winner for costume design.

Through all of these productions he has gained invaluable knowledge about what works in the realm of vintage clothing for film and television, and keeps all this in mind as he shops for the collection.

In the studio, Ian is often requested to pull from the collection, providing his excellent service to Emmy- and Oscar-winning productions worldwide. 

Ian will be sharing: 
  • How he got into the rental business 
  • How he started marketing his services,
  • The realities for curating vintage for rental
  • Protecting inventory
  • The ins and outs of the film/TV production world
  • Making connections
  • Where a vintage seller "fits" into large productions. 

If you'd like to attend this webinar, we are collecting donations to the Fashion History Museum in Cambridge, Ont. which is currently facing financial hardship and is a resource close to Ian's heart.  

Two options to attend:

1. Donate directly on the museum's website and email proof of donation to [email protected] to receive a link to the event.

2. Donate on this page to receive an automatically generated ticket with link to the event . We will forward your donation to the museum (though you won't be provided a tax receipt in this case).

Attending this event live is the best way to get the full experience — you can chat in real-time, ask follow-up questions and connect! The webinar will be recorded and available to those who show proof of donation.

Via Zoom® & in person
Mon 22nd Apr 2024
6:00pm EDT
60 mins