Always improving

What’s new with Tixoom?

9th October 2020
Improvement Auto-checking attendee email addresses
  • Now we automatically check your attendees' email address.
  • That means fewer lost tickets and confused guests for you.
29th September 2020
Bugfix Showing reoccuring webinars
  • We zapped a bug that sometimes hid reoccuring webinars
  • Head to your 'Other Zoom events' tab to see them all
  • You can then configure each for tickets with Tixoom
25th September 2020
New Feature Custom reminders
  • You can now customize email reminders sent to attendees.
  • Edit the exact message they see 24 hours and 15 mins prior.
  • Of course you can still enable or disable each of these.
  • Head to the 'Reminders' tab on your next event to try it!
24th September 2020
New Feature Email attendees
  • Want to stay in touch with your event attendees?
  • Now you can email them directly from within Tixoom.
  • Try it from the 'Attendees' tab on an event or bundle.
22nd September 2020
Improvement Clearer names and descriptions
  • We've tweaked the names of some tabs to be clearer.
  • Events and bundles now both have an 'Attendees' tab.
21st September 2020
Improvement Analytics are in your timezone
  • Event pages always automatically reflected visitors' timezone.
  • Now your revenue and sales dashboard will too!
  • Dashboard data will reflect the date where you are.
  • Sign in to your dashboard today to see the difference.
21st September 2020
Improvement Change and re-send tickets/bundles
  • You can now alter a ticket or bundle purchaser's name or email.
  • Plus, re-send purchased tickets or bundles any time you want.
  • Simply click 'Manage...' choosing a specific event or bundle, then head to the 'Attendees' tab to see the new edit and re-send buttons alongside each attendee.
21st September 2020
New Feature Bundle refunds
  • Sometimes plans change and attendees might request a refund.
  • Now you can handle this right inside Tixoom, in a single click.
  • Head to the 'Bundles' tab and choose to 'Manage...' a specific bundle, then head to the 'Attendees' tab to try it out.
11th September 2020
Improvement New 24-hour reminder email
  • Forgetful attendees? Send a reminder email the day before.
  • This adds to the existing 15-minute reminder.
  • And now you can turn either reminder on and off for each event.
  • Check out each event's 'Reminders' tab to get started!
10th September 2020
New Feature Ticket & donation refunds
  • Sometimes plans change and attendees might request a refund.
  • Now you can handle this right inside Tixoom, in a single click.
  • Head to the 'Events' tab and choose to 'Manage...' a specific event, then head to the 'Attendees' tab to try it.
7th September 2020
New Feature Copy prior event settings
  • Set up an event instantly by copying a prior event.
  • Copies picture, price, capacity, settings & attendee questions.
  • To get started, simply look for the new 'copy' button next to the 'Set up tickets' button on your 'Other Zoom events' tab.
4th September 2020
Improvement Inline rich bundle descriptions
  • Make your bundles look great with rich-text descriptions.
  • You can use bold, italic, • bullet points and more.
3rd September 2020
New Feature Keep track of improvements
  • See what's new with Tixoom at a glance - you're reading it now!
2nd September 2020
New Feature Create discount codes
  • Now you can offer discounts on both events and bundles.
  • Your discount can be a fixed amount (e.g. $5) or percentage.
  • It can apply to all your events and bundles or just a few of either.
  • Check out the new 'Discounts' tab on your dashboard to begin!
17th August 2020
New Feature See when you'll get paid
  • Get a topline on your balance and next payouts.
  • See when money from sales will get to your bank account - typically within a couple of days.
  • Try it now on the 'Get paid' tab in your dashboard.
15th August 2020
Improvement Inline rich event descriptions
  • Make your events look great with rich-text descriptions.
  • You can use bold, italic, • bullet points and more.
14th August 2020
New Feature Pause event ticket sales
  • Want to take a breather on ticket sales? Now you can!
  • Our new feature instantly switches any event to being 'Sold Out'
  • This cascades to any bundles that the event features in.
  • You can always resume ticket sales at any point.
13th August 2020
Bugfix Fixed periodic Zoom sync issues
  • We eliminated a pesky bug that would sometimes stop us getting info from Zoom.
12th August 2020
New Feature Sell tickets to several events
  • Have you ever run a series of several events on a theme?
  • Our new 'Bundles' feature lets you sell a bunch of tickets.
  • It's ideal for a course of classes, or a season of events.
  • The total price can be lower to reward attendees' loyalty.
  • And of course, money upfront is great for organisers.
4th August 2020
Announcement Stripe makes Tixoom a verified partner
  • It's party time at Tixoom towers because our payment processor Stripe has added us as a verified partner! 🎉
  • This shows you can be confident Tixoom won't let you down.
25th July 2020
Bugfix Handle Zoom sign-ins better
  • We've improved how you sign in with Zoom, even if your email address is not verified.
  • This frequently tripped up people that used their Google account to sign in to Zoom.
21st July 2020
Improvement Sales chart on dashboard home
  • See your sales at a glance with our new dashboard charts.
  • Get a feeling for your ticket sales before you dig into the details.
14th July 2020
Improvement Keep getting paid after event starts
  • Maximise revenue, even from latecomers!
  • Our new feature means you can optionally still sell tickets - even after your event has begun.
  • You can also switch to donations, or stop selling altogether.
22nd June 2020
Improvement Better image uploads
  • You want your events to look great and so do we!
  • That's why we improved image uploads so you can customise your event pages.
  • Get started today from your dashboard.
11th June 2020
New Feature Added ticketing for Zoom webinars
  • Now as well as Zoom meetings, we now also support webinars.
  • This is more flexible and better looking than Zoom's PayPal flow.
10th June 2020
New Feature Support for donation Zoom events
  • As well as fixed price tickets you can also accept donations.
  • Ideal for fundraisers, donations can be optional or mandatory.
  • Choose a suggested amount in one of several world currencies.
2nd June 2020
Improvement Boosted speed of event pages
  • We've boosted the speed of your event pages.
  • Scripts will now load asynchronously so it feels faster.
  • Faster pages mean more conversions and more ticket sales!
26th May 2020
Improvement Improved your 'Events' tab
  • We've changed how your events appear on Tixoom.
  • Now it's clearer which events you have already set up.
  • Events on Zoom that you've not yet configured for tickets are on the 'Upcoming' panel and prior events on the 'Past' panel.
23rd May 2020
Bugfix Improved interactions with Zoom
  • We've fixed some issues between ourselves and Zoom.
  • You shouldn't encounter issues with missing events.
  • Try it out today and let us know what you think.
18th May 2020
Improvement Improved how we look
  • We've improved how Tixoom looks and feels.
  • Things are simpler and easier to understand.
  • Try it out today and let us know what you think.
1st May 2020
New Feature First version of Tixoom
  • Welcome to Tixoom! We let you sell tickets to your Zoom events.